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Hi! My name is Álex Martínez-Monge and I am an independent language consultant (English, Japanese, German, French > Spanish) with over 15 years of experience. I have worked all over the world for well-established multinationals and promising start-ups, both as an in-house specialist and a freelance professional in the fields of languages, culture and education.

Localisation, Internal & External Communications, Marketing & Advertising, Publishing, Foreign Trade, Sales, Logistics and Operations are but a few of the areas I have shared my expertise in over the last 15 years.

Alex Martinez (by Greg Keegan)
This is me!


I would like to share with you here a number of things that I can do in order to help you grow personally or professionally.


    • Translation (English, Japanese, German, French > Spanish): also known as “simple translation”, if you need to understand any piece of written information not drafted in your mother tongue or submit it in a language other than yours.
    • Sworn Translation (English <> Spanish): if you need to certify or validate in Spanish any document originally written in English, or vice versa.

Does the language combination you require not match my working languages? Never mind! Ask me in any case. I will refer you to someone who is the right professional for your project!

Avoid the risk of losing key information by hiring a professional translator.


  • Interpreting (English, Japanese, German <> Spanish):  Attending a meeting, conference or lecture where a language other than your mother tongue will be used? Have foreign business partners visiting your offices and can’t communicate with them fluently in the same language?  Need to appear in court or sign important documents in a language other than your own? You need a reliable professional to convey what you need to comprehend or convey.
This is a professional interpreting booth.


  • Proofreading, editing and copywriting: Have you ever seen a corporate page written in your own language and been appalled by the sheer amount of mistakes? I bet you have! Many think that the computer’s spell checking function can eliminate all mistakes in their writing… but what about incorrect word choice, indiscriminate use of capital letters, erratic punctuation and the lack of concordance and textual consistence? Let me be a pair of seasoned eyes to go over your work or, if you wish,  allow me to start writing it from scratch!
Don’t your eyes bleed when you see mistakes in “professional” texts?


  • Tailored language lessons: Do you want to dazzle your potential interviewers with a flawless use of a foreign language? Or perhaps surprise your in-laws when they’re visiting from abroad? Maybe go on holidays feeling totally confident? Whatever your reason for wishing to learn a foreign language, I can ensure that you learn it in a pleasant way, either online (via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp…) or in-person, providing you with personalised attention, tailored to your level, circumstances and needs, and the motivation that will make a difference in the learning process.

  • International educational advising: Are you thinking about how you could boost your education or your family’s abroad? Let me simplify your existing options and help you make successful decisions.

  • Public speaking: Do you need to give a presentation, a speech or face an interview, either in your own language or a foreign one? Apart from reinforcing your linguistic proficiency, I can help you to master verbal and non-verbal communication through the use of voice and corporal expression exercises, so that you can tackle any challenge with complete confidence in your skills.
Don’t let foreign languages intimidate you!


  • Foreign trade advisor: Do you want your products or services to reach new markets? Or simply assess where the best place to offer them is? With language knowledge and multi-cultural insight accrued over a decade, I can become your best ally to grow beyond your borders!
Prepare well for interantional expansion and don’t commit any faux-pas!


  • Voice-over: Whether it is for the creation of an advertising spot, a corporate video or an audiobook, choosing a professional, versatile voice capable of adapting to the needs of the project can make the difference between its success and failure.
A professional voice can tip the scales!


  • Logistics, operations, planning: Are you going abroad and you need to book beforehand some theatre or attraction tickets? Do you want to reserve a table at the “IT” restaurant or simply check the train schedules but you are not sure if you can navigate those foreign websites? Or, perhaps, are you unaware of any cultural aspect of the country you’re going to visit? Then I am here to assist you! Having lived in many countries and worked in the Operations, Travel and Entertainment industries, I can save you time and effort when planning a trip abroad.
Don't let a mistake ruin your business trip or holidays!


If you think that you may need my services or simply want to know more about my background and past, present and future projects, please feel free to visit my office in Central Madrid or contact me through any of the ways listed below… I can’t wait to be of service to you!

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